We are a highly motivated group of undergraduate and graduate students. Our team is incredibly diverse: majors range from Mechanical Engineering to Music, and our members come from around the world. Nevertheless, the team is one of the most cohesive groups on campus. Members can often be found doing homework and hanging out together. Strong and lasting friendships are formed that last long past graduation.

Our Vision

As members of Knickerbocker Motorsports, we aim not only to build the most competitive racecar possible, but also to create friendships, connections, memories, and character.

We work to create an environment that encourages learning, excellence, and mutual respect. One in which anyone, regardless of skill level, can contribute and feel appreciated. Through our racecar, we teach ourselves engineering and project management skills that will serve us well no matter what our future careers turn out to be.

We believe that we have a responsibility to give back to our community through outreach programs that expose children to engineering.

We are always improving. We are confident that, one day, our team will place in the top ten of the Formula SAE competition.


If you’re an incoming first-year interested in joining the team, attend one of our info sessions! See our Facebook event to sign up.

The team holds brief planning meetings on Wednesday nights, and meets more extensively for shop days on Fridays. In addition, older members hold workshops, teaching you everything you need to know about building a racecar.

For more information, please sign up for our mailing list below or get in touch!