Sponsors are the backbone of our organization — they make the racecar possible. From their advice to their financial support, our sponsors go above and beyond to support this project.

From Fortune 500 companies to local organizations, Knickerbocker Motorsports is proud to recognize a diverse and responsible group of sponsors. Our sponsors are an integral part of the team. They provide design advice, materials, and critical financial support. In return for their generosity, we proudly display our sponsors’ logos at our on-campus events, on our website, and at our booth at the New York International Auto Show, the largest attended show in the country.

For more information on sponsorships, please feel free to contact us directly.


Alcoa is not only the world’s leader in aluminum production and fabrication, but also one of KM’s largest sponsors. Alcoa stands behind our philosophy of using extremely light and cutting-edge materials on our racecar to ensure our success.

Columbia University Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is the backbone of Knickerbocker Motorsports. Located on the second floor of Mudd, the Mechanical Engineering department has a state-of-the-art machine shop, CAD computer lab, and the friendliest staff on all of campus!

Columbia Activities Board

The Activities Board at Columbia (ABC) is the governing board that oversees Columbia FSAE as an undergraduate student group on campus. There are currently 155 organizations recognized by ABC, including cultural clubs, performance groups, publications, and special events.

EVS Metal

EVS is a leading sheet metal manufacturer that also has the capability to manufacture, assemble, and test entire systems. We have worked has worked closely with EVS’s friendly team, cutting and folding chassis tabs, fuel tanks, and trigger wheels in their New Jersey manufacturing facility.

Monster Tool

Monster Tool makes high quality carbide machine tools including end mills, center bits, drill bits, and other specialty parts. Monster Tool graciously donated carbide tools to our team that have extended our machining capabilities greatly.


Atlassian creates award-winning enterprise software that helps teams work better together. Over 35,000 customers use their products to build wikis, bug trackers, group chatrooms, and more. Confluence and JIRA are helping the team become more organized by retaining institutional knowledge from year to year and by making sure important tasks get done.

Coastal Enterprises

Coastal Enterprises specializes in manufacturing Precision Board Plus High Density Urethane (HDU). These foam boards have a variety of applications, including sign making, modeling, prototypes, and tool making. The team received a donation of Coastal Enterprises foam for creating a seat mold.

Lincoln Electric

Founded in 1895, Lincoln is the world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. Lincoln donated a MIG welder to our team in 2007 and continues to provide us with discounted welding equipment and supplies.


Nu-Cast is an aluminum foundry that specializes in taking ideas presented to us by the engineers of our clients and creating an application that previously had not existed, using aluminum investment castings. We call this process concurrent engineering, and it is the genesis of many successful products we manufacture today. For KMR-2015, Nu-Cast generously casted all four of our car’s uprights from A356-T6 aluminum.


PTC creates industry-leading products to bring the best in product development software. Their integrated solutions have enabled PTC to help customers optimize their product development processes and realize greater business value. PTC donates copies of their Pro/Engineer CAD software, which we use heavily in design and analysis for our vehicle components.


Realize invests in the latest rapid prototyping technologies to provide superior quality rapid prototypes from small, intricate stereolithography models requiring high-resolution to the largest SLA prototype or special custom projects. Realize has graciously given our team discounts on 3-d printing our intakes and intake plenums.


Remy builds large starter motors and traction motors for hybrid vehicles. Remy graciously donated an HVH-250 electric motor that we will use to build our very first electric car.


Brembo manufactures high-quality, high-performance automotive braking systems for racecars, motorcycles, and more. They have generously donated the Brembo P32 brake calipers that decelerate our car quickly and consistently.


Kulite Semiconductor is a global leader in pressure measurement technology. Kulite graciously donated two pressure transducers for our brake lines.


Hexion Inc, formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc, makes thermoset resins used in the construction, transportation, electronics and automotive industries. Hexion graciously donated both base resin and curing agent that we use for our carbon fiber parts.

Northeast Custom Trailers

Northeast Custom Trailers sells high quality trailers and also specializes in trailer repairs and services. Northeast Custom Trailers graciously gave us a discount on our trailer.

Tri-Power Design and Engineering

Tri-Power is New Jersey’s premier product engineering, design, and manufacturing firm. They specialize in custom manufacturing and functional prototypes, quickly iterating through prototypes to help clients build what they need. In 2014, Tri-Power machined many aluminum parts, including clevises and rockers.

Quality Bearings & Components

Quality Bearings & Components is an authorized distributor for some of the world’s largest bearings and linear motion manufacturers including: Thomson Industries, INA Bearings Co., Bishop-Wisecarver, THK of America, Heim Bearing, Roller Bearing Co., and many more. QBC gave our team a discount on bearings.

Zoltek Companies

Zoltek is one of the world’s leading provider of commercial carbon fiber products. Their high purity carbon fiber is used in everything — including sporting goods, automobiles, and renewable energy projects. Zoltek has generously provided KM with uni-directional carbon fiber for our aerodynamics projects. We look forward to using more of Zoltek’s carbon fiber products in the years to come.


Altair makes HyperWorks, an industry-leading CAE tool. Our team uses HyperWorks to perform topology optimization — on the 2014 car’s rockers, reducing their weight by over 50 percent.

Aurora Bearing Company

Aurora Bearing Company manufactures the world’s most complete range of rod end and spherical bearings. Aurora Bearing graciously gave our team a discounted price on bearings we use for our car.


DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems, and components for all the world’s major automakers. DENSO’s patented iridium alloy is extremely tough and wear-resistant. Their Iridium spark plugs give a stronger spark and better ignition performance in all areas of driving. DENSO furnishes our team with Iridium spark plugs.


Deatschwerks provides high-performance fuel systems solutions, including fuel pumps and injectors. During the 2014 season, Deatschwerks performed testing on our fuel injectors and donated an endurance-finishing fuel pump, solving our fuel issues from the previous year!

Espo’s Powder Coating

Located in Staten Island, New York, Espo’s provides incredibly high-quality powder coating and sandblasting services. Since 2013, they have been powder coating our chassis, anti-roll bars, and other car parts, as well as helping us install our tires.

KDF Reprographics

KDF specializes in large-format printing, such as car wraps, banners, and murals. They can even help design the graphics, and they also offer custom CNC routing services. The team works with KDF to create molds for large carbon fiber layups that would otherwise be beyond our means, such as the seat mold.

Monster Beverage Corporation

Monster Beverage Corporation created Monster, a popular energy drink. But Monster is more than a drink — it’s a lifestyle in a can. The company sponsors athletes, musicians, and of course, racers.

Radium Engineering LLC

Radium Engineering LLC is an aftermarket automotive company located in the Pacific Northwest that designs and produces quality performance products. Radium graciously donated a fuel surge tank.


Steinjäger produces suspension components and systems, including four link suspensions, control arms and panhard bars. Steinjäger graciously donated weld nuts for our car.

Vibrant Performance

Vibrant Performance, a division of Vibrant Power Inc, is a global leader in the design and production of exhaust and vibration control components and assemblies. Vibrant graciously donated tubing to our team.


iRacing.com offers the most authentic online racing experience, using the latest technology for its staggering, ever-expanding lineup of famed racecars and courses. iRacing makes the racing simulator we use in our shop.

None yet — please get in touch if you’d like to sponsor us!